Privacy and Cookies Policy

Lochain Patrick Insurance Brokers Limited (LPIB) is committed to being transparent and upholding the privacy of its employees, clients and website users.

The LPIB website does not collect personal data (information that relates to individuals and which can enable LPIB to identify an individual) in any format (i.e. contact forms, videos etc).

The LPIB website is not used as a means to communicate with individuals and we do not use it as a resource for marketing.

The LPIB website does use ‘Cookies’. Please see below the list of cookies used and their functions:

Preference Cookies
Our developers have their own cookie which simply stores ‘yes’ if a visitor has granted the LPIB website permission to store it (via the ‘pop up’ banner advising that the website uses cookies).

Google Maps
The LPIB website does include a third party performance cookie for Google Maps.

We may make changes to this Privacy Policy from time to time and any updated version will be published on the website.

Should you have any questions with regards to this Privacy Policy, please contact LPIB’s Data Compliance Manager, Justine Howard or +44 207 398 1700.