Cyber risk is an exposure that no modern business can escape. The shipping industry has never been more technologically advanced, and as recent high profile events have shown, it is not exempt from the financial impact of cyber-crime. 

With vessels and offshore units now more sophisticated than ever, there are significant security issues linked to navigational systems, engine management, cargo management, ship management, commercial operations and crew or staff using the internet.

The possibility of a cyber-attack against a vessel or land-based organisation is a real and increasing threat for the shipping industry.

Lochain Patrick is able to offer access to cutting-edge products from first class underwriters to protect your business against the emerging threats of the digital age. This 360 degree solution includes:

  • ‘Institute Cyber Attack Exclusion Clause (Cl.380)’ buy back cover in respect of physical damage to vessels.
  • Protection against Marine cyber extortion and cyber threats.
  • Protection against computer system interruption caused by a cyber-attack, including privacy and data breaches. 
  • Protection against cyber-crime events, including damage to intangible assets.
  • Preventive and Crisis Consultation
  • Access to a 24/7 global cyber incident response centre, manned by multi-lingual, experienced call handlers

We look forward to assisting you protect your business and its assets from the ever evolving threats presented by cyber risk exposure.