At Lochain Patrick, we understand how important the service provided by our Claims team is. Claims is the ‘shop-window’ for any broking house and the service that we provide is second to none.

Across our company we strive to provide levels of expertise and service that set us apart from our competitors. Our specialist and experienced marine and energy claims team are at the very forefront of this. We fully understand that the professional negotiation, handling and timely settlement of claims are what our clients need and rightly expect.

Since our very foundation, our highly respected team have been tenaciously and effectively collecting claims on behalf of our clients, whether direct assureds or their expert retail brokers, around the world. 

We handle a diverse and global portfolio of marine and energy risks, placed on a variety of insurance conditions and placed with all of the major insurance markets.

Each claim, no matter the size, gets treated with the top priority it deserves, as this goes to the very core of Lochain Patrick’s ethos. We always put our clients first and whenever called upon to respond, can draw upon the attitude, experience and technical knowhow that allow us to deliver the service our clients deserve.