In an ever-changing and volatile political climate, it has never been more important to ensure that your assets are fully protected against damage or loss of use as a result of a malicious or hostile act by a third party.

We have a dedicated team of professionals specialising in War Risk insurance – again protecting our assureds’ assets and some of their liabilities as a consequence of war like acts and hostilities. This is a fast moving market which reacts quickly to changing political situations around the world and our team constantly monitor and advise on this, and are fully aware of the need for best rates and service.

War Risks primarily protect an assureds physical asset, however War P & I, War Loss of Hire, Kidnap and Ransom and Piracy Loss of Hire, Terrorism and various other additional coverages are also available.

War Risks Insurance: 

  • Typically insured under standard market conditions such as; Institute War & Strikes Clauses (Cl 281) 
  • Subject to JWC Hull War, Strikes, Terrorism and related Perils listed areas JWLA024 (dated 17/05/19) 
  • Including Piracy and War P&I Cover as standard 
  • Additional coverage options available, including Enhanced War Loss of Hire (nil deductible for Piracy) and Drugs Seizure 
  • Access to “block deal” arrangements with attractive discounts, including up front No Claim Bonuses for vessels trading in an excluded area on a regular basis